Metas *Describe and configure functionality and features for SAP BusinessObjects Process Control 10.0 *Discuss Harmonization topics as they relate to Process Control *Describe tasks performed during a day in the life of a typical Process Control user *Discuss customizing and authorization *Describe and use Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) *Describe and use Master Data Upload Generator (MDUG) *Discuss upgrade considerations for application consultants *Set up a Multi-Compliance Framework *Configure Planner to create and monitor plans *Customize reports, configure dashboards, and discuss compliance dashboard reporting *Discuss Report Framework Harmonization *Explain and Configure components of the Continuous Monitoring Framework *Create and view plans in Planner Monitor *Perform Continuous Monitoring tasks *Configure Process Control to support Integrations *Manage issues and policies Contenido *Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Process Control 10.0 -Process Control 10.0 Overview -Key Features and Benefits -A Day in the Life of a Process Control User *GRC 10.0 Harmonization Review -How Process Control Fits into the GRC Solution -Regional Compliance Regulations -Information Architecture -Harmonized Navigation -Delegation -Role-Specific Users *The Process Control User Interface -Work Centers Overview -Controlling Work Center Display -My Home Work Center -Master Data Work Center -Rule Setup Work Center -Assessments Work Center -Access Management Work Center -Reports and Analytics Work Center -Authorizations and User Views *Customizing and Authorization -Process Control IMG Structure -Basic and Common Customizing -Process Control Specific Customizing -Process Control BC Sets -Basic and Application Roles *Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) -CLM Features, Landscape, and Use Cases -Importing Data -Packaging Requirements -CLM Configuration and Related Integrations *Master Data Upload Generator (MDUG) -MDUG Overview and Prerequisites -MDUG Process Flow and Sequence of Events *Upgrading to Process Control 10.0 *Multi-Compliance Framework (MCF) -Configure a New Compliance Initiative in the MCF *Planner Overview -Planner Features and Navigation -Plan Creation -Planner Monitor -Planner Configuration *Reports and Analytics -Report Features and Navigation -Crystal Integration -MCF in Reporting -Report Framework Harmonization -Metadata Configuration -Dashboards -Overall Compliance Status Dashboard -IMG Dashboard Configuration *Continuous Monitoring -Continuous Monitoring Framework and Business Benefits -Pre-Configuration -Connectors -Data Source -Business Rule -Business Rule Assignment -Scheduler -Job Monitor -SAP Queries -Configurable Rule -Programmed Rule -ABAP Reports -Process Integration -SoD Integration -Web Services -Event Based Monitoring *Issue Management -Features and Benefits -Ad Hoc Issues -Remediation and Transparency -Configuration -Policy Management -Policy Management Overview -Policy Management Configuration -Policy Lifecycle Management *Process Control Implementation Process -Process Overview and Project Teams -Plan and Design the Solution -Configure System -Upgrade and Migration -Implement Solution -Optimize and Enhance Peformance