Leadership & Communication Skills for Project Managers explains the challenges and issues concerning leadership and how to best meet these challenges. It evaluates various motivational approaches; helps you assess your own personal styles; describes barriers to team performance and the stages of team development; and explains how to best resolve conflicts, manage agreement, and enhance communications effectiveness.

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• This course is intended for project managers, program managers, and team members who are looking to improve their presence and impact as a leader This course is also attractive to anyone who is aspiring to a leadership position in program and project management or for those individuals seeking project management certification


• Project Management Fundamentals (HC577S)

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Demonstrate leadership skills and apply proven techniques in leading teams

• Apply communication best practices in projects

• Evaluate different motivational approaches

• Identify benefits of using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in working with project teams

• Create high-performance project teams

• Identify and resolve conflicts by practicing five different conflict resolution approaches

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Benefits to you

• Develop the necessary skills to get the maximum performance from every member of your team

• Discover which forms of leadership and communication are best suited to your personality

• Learn techniques for resolving conflict and managing team issues

• Gain hands-on experience in analyzing stages of team development and maximizing project team effectiveness

Module 1: Leadership and the Project Manager

• Leaders & Managers

• Leadership Today

• Challenges Leading Project Teams

• Project Manager Roles

• Developing Leadership

Module 2: Communications in Projects

• Class Activity: ABCs of Communicating

• Project Communications Management

• Identify Stakeholders

• Stakeholder Analysis

• Plan Communications

• Communications Management Plan

• Manage Communication

• Communication Barriers

• Components of A Message

• Techniques: “Nuts & Bolts”

• Effective Project Meetings

• Manage Stakeholder Engagement

• Control Communications

Module 3: Motivational Approaches

• Motivation Defined

• Common Motivation Mistakes

• Motivation Theories

• Major Stages in a Career

• Career Anchors

• Best Practices for Motivating Team Members

Module 4: Using the MBTI

• Background on the MBTI

• The MBTI & Teams

• MBTI Guidelines

• MBTI Scales

• Discovering Your “Best Fit” Type

• Extraversion and Introversion (E/I)

• Sensing and Intuition (S/N)

• Thinking and Feeling (T/F)

• The “Z” Problem-solving Model

• Judging and Perceiving (J/P)

• Determining the Team’s Type

• Function Lens

• Dynamic Lens

• Order of Preferences for Each Type

• Reacting to Stress

Module 5: Effective Teams

• Definitions

• Role of Project Manager in Developing Teams

• High-performance Teams

• Stages of Team Development

• Group Dynamics

• Barriers to Team Performance

• Virtual Teams

• Diverse Teams

Module 6: Managing Conflict & Agreement

• Conflict Basics

• Conflict Resolution

• Consensus Decision Making

• The Abilene Paradox & Managing Agreement

Module 7: Action Planning

• Action Plan Next steps

• Managing Scope, Schedule and Cost (HE538S)

• Managing IT Projects (HE541S)

• Requirements Management for Project Managers (HE548S)