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Certifícate en AZURE con Microsoft y Compueducacion


Examen a $ 199.00 USD + IVA


Azure Examen + retake + practice test

Examenes a elegir:

  • Exam 70-473: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
  • Exam 70-475: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions
  • Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions




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Curso Azure ¡Sin Costo!


First Look Clinic: Microsoft Azure Obtenga acceso en línea a: Curso oficial de Microsoft

Microsoft Labs en línea

Curso digital oficial

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Course OD99994A:Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Acerca de este curso

Welcome to Introduction to Cloud Computing. Congratulations on taking the first step toward learning about the fundamental principles and concepts of cloud computing as you consider a career in IT, or seek to add to your existing knowledge and experience. This course provides a primer to help you understand the business benefits of cloud computing solutions, become familiar with “cloud terminology,”  and explore the basic concepts behind the cloud.


Module 1: Cloud Computing ConceptsCloud computing plays an increasingly important role in IT infrastructure, and IT professionals need to be aware of fundamental cloud principles and techniques. This module introduces the cloud, describes how the cloud evolved from traditional IT operations, and highlights considerations for implementing cloud-based infrastructure services.Lessons

  • Introducing the Cloud
  • Introducing Cloud Services
  • Describe what a cloud is.
  • Understand evolving IT operations models.
  • Understand business drivers for the cloud.

Module 2: Cloud Services BasicsImplementing a Cloud based model for your IT needs requires a good deal of planning and insight into what those needs are and what model will provide the most benefit in terms of cost, flexibility and efficiency. This module outlines the different cloud types and services as well as considerations for moving your business IT needs to the cloud.Lessons

  • Implementation: Cloud Service Usage Models
  • Identify the different types of cloud services models, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service, (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Learn how the different types of cloud services function through public, private, and hybrid implementations.
  • Outline the challenges in moving from a traditional on-premises model to a cloud model.
  • Describe several Microsoft options for managing a cloud infrastructure.



Course OD99995A:First Look Clinic: Microsoft Azure

Te recomendamos tomar todo el curso y tomar nota de todas las dudas que tengas, y si lo necesitas te podemos dar Mentorias (Asesoria por Hora con un consultor con costo)

About this course

Welcome to First Look Clinic: Microsoft Azure. Congratulations on taking the first step toward learning about how to successfully manage and administer a Microsoft Azure cloud solution. This course will help you to become familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure including the web-based portals for deploying resources and managing Azure subscriptions. You’ll learn about Azure Resource Manager and how to use templates to manage resources. This course also introduces PowerShell as a key tool to manage and automate Azure resources.


Module 1: Cloud OverviewLessons

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing

Module 2: Microsoft AzureLessons

  • Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Data Centers and Services

Module 3: PortalsLessons

  • Classic Azure Portal
  • New Azure Portal
  • Azure Subscriptions

Module 4: Infrastructure OverviewLessons

  • Virtual Machines, Networks, and Storage

Module 5: Azure Resource Manager (ARM)Lessons

  • Introduction to Resource Manager

Module 6: Azure PowerShellLessons

  • Azure PowerShell Modules
  • Azure PowerShell Cmdlets

Module 7: Practice exercisesLab : Practice Exercises

  • Take an Azure Virtual Data Center Tour
  • Sign-in and Explore the Classic Azure Portal
  • Sign-in and Explore the New Azure Portal
  • Azure Subscriptions
  • Deploy a New Virtual Machine
  • Work with Azure Resource Manager and a VM Template
  • Download and install the Azure PowerShell modules
  • Connect to Azure by using PowerShell
  • Work with Azure Resource Manager by using PowerShell